Locusts: God’s Discipline

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.” (Joel 2:25a NIV)


They come from nowhere and devour everything—eating plants and trees, stripping even the bark. What once was green and healthy now lies in ruins. Leafless stubble with no promise of fruit.

I’ve often heard others pray for God to restore the years the locusts have eaten. I’ve prayed it myself, believing it to be a prayer of restoration for something taken. Stolen. Rightfully mine.

This, however, was not what the prophet Joel had in mind. When Joel speaks of locusts in Joel 1, he’s raising what should have been a red flag for God’s people. God had designated locust plagues as a sign of discipline. The presence of such a plague pointed to sin. Joel’s task was to call the nation to repentance. The restoration in the verse above would come after the people confessed and turned from their sin.

I found myself in a similar plight.

What once was green and healthy now wilted.


Chewed to the ground—relationally speaking.

And I was at fault.

The locusts had been discipline for my sin and disobedience.

Thankfully, I’ve turned around and headed the other way. But it took discernment and God’s revelation to get me there—and I’m grateful for it. Today I can pray Joel 2:25, and little by little, the green in my relationship is coming back.

If you’re knee deep in locusts, stop. Ask God to reveal any sin in your life. Look at what is unfruitful and ask Him for clarity and guidance. Restoration will come—after repentance.


Are you hitting a wall with a relationship or a situation?

Has something healthy and green turned brown?

Are you willing for God to examine your heart?

If He reveals sin, are you ready to humble yourself and repent?

Would you like to see what was lost restored?


The presence of a locust plague pointed to sin. Click To Tweet
If you’re knee deep in locusts, stop and ask God to reveal the sin. Click To Tweet
Look at what is unfruitful and ask Him for clarity and guidance. Click To Tweet
Restoration will come—after repentance. Click To Tweet

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