Spiritual Warfare: Building an Arsenal

Navy SEAL’s are required to qualify at an expert level with their weapons. Not only are they more than proficient marksmen, they are also adept at handling a variety of weapons: pistols, rifles, knives.

Ephesians 6:17 tells us to “Take up the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” In spiritual warfare, God’s Word is the only offensive weapon issued, and if you track Jesus through the temptation passages, you’ll find He’s an expert marksman too.

So, what kind of arsenal are you building?

Have you laid in a supply of Scripture or are you working off an air-soft gun and a water pistol?

Maintaining weapons takes work, and so does memorizing Scripture. Guns need cleaning. Knives need sharpening. Target practice takes time and ammunition. But when the situation arises, SEALs are the most prepared warriors there are. When spiritual warfare arises, how much more should God’s warriors be ready, even if that warrior wears pink.

So build your arsenal. Get ready to stand your ground or better yet, take some back.


What kind of arsenal do you have?

Is it adequate for battle?

What do you need?

Family Application:

Why is there a variety of weapons?

Why would a believer need to learn a variety of Scripture verses?

What verse fits a need you have today?


God’s Word is the only offensive weapon issued. Click To Tweet
Jesus is an expert marksman. Click To Tweet
What kind of arsenal are you building? Click To Tweet
Are you working off an air-soft gun and a water pistol? Click To Tweet

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