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For you Ranger’s Apprentice fans, John Flanagan has authored a new series called Brotherband Chronicles. The Outcasts, the premiere novel of the series, takes place in Skandia, but our new hero, Hal, has Araluen blood in his veins. This novel walks us through Skandian brotherband training which prepares boys for their adult roles as Skandian sailors and warriors. Young men are divided into small groups or brotherbands that train and compete with one another. Team leaders are chosen and then choose their teams, much like a pick-up game of football. A group of outcasts stand unchosen. Unwanted, they create a team of their own, the Herons, and choose Hal as their leader. Each boy brings a unique gift or ability to the team, but will it be enough to defeat the sheer size and athleticism of the Sharks and Wolves teams?

Also out is Flanagan’s The Ranger’s Apprentice: The Lost Stories which allows the followers of this series a last opportunity to wrap up loose ends and to say good-bye to some much-loved characters.

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