Unseen Guardians: Part 1

Silent sentinels. Wise watchmen. They guide our steps to the path of right choices. They give wise counsel when a problem confronts us. They stand guard when we sleep. They light our way and steer us back to the right path when we wander.

Who are these guiding guardians? These wise ones who seek to mentor us? Angels?



Not just any words, but the words of our parents.

What ? Are you kidding?

No, I’m not. Check this out. Solomon tells us in Proverbs 6: 20-23 NIV:

“My son, keep your father’s commands and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. Bind them upon your heart forever; fasten them around your neck. When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you. For these commands are a lamp, this teaching is a light, and the corrections of discipline are the way to life…”

Your father’s commands:

Take out the trash. Mow the lawn. Do your best. Show good sportsmanship. Tell the truth.

Your mother’s teaching:

Chew with your mouth closed. Pick up your clothes. Don’t hit. Share. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Say please and thank you.

Too often, Mom and Dad’s words are like prison wardens. We feel confined, locked up, and at the mercy of the mean prison guards. However, Solomon points out that Mom and Dad’s words are more like Aragorn as he watches over the hobbits in The Lord of the Rings—a guide, a guard, and a great one, though undercover. Trust Mom and Dad and receive their words. They’ve got your back.

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