The Benefit Package: Life Insurance

I was reading Psalm 103 when something caught my eye. In verse 2, David instructs us to “forget not all his (God’s) benefits.” As I thought about how I can’t even think of all of His benefits, I noticed this “—,” followed by a list. David felt led to name the benefits he had on his heart. Let’s look at the first one: “who forgives all your sins.”

Sin. We’ve heard the word so much its meaning has lost the sharpness it holds for God. God sees sin for the deadly blade it is. We tend to see a butter knife. Today, let’s give sin a second look.

Imagine you’re in a restaurant. You scan the menu and note some unusual items: lying, stealing, greed. Wanting to stay on the healthy side of the menu, you move away from the heavy choices like murder and drunkenness, and check out the appetizers and desserts. Hmmm. Gossip, hitting your sibling, sneaking unapproved TV or video games. Those look tasty. You place your order and the waitress brings your meal. She lays the check by your plate and as you pick it up, bright red letters cover the ticket: DEATH.

Death? What? There must be some mistake. You only ordered a few small items. Nothing like that guy two tables over with platters full of stuff. You check your ticket:

Gossip about your friend’s outfit                                                               $Death

Yelling at your brother when he came in your room                        $Death

Ignoring your mom when she told you to clean your room           $Death

Death? You had no idea sin was so expensive. Surely, they don’t expect this kind of payment? You can wash dishes or something, right?

Then Jesus comes over to your table. “I can cover that for you,” he says.


He points through the restaurant window to a cross on a hill. “My death for yours.”

You think for a moment. “And what do I have to do?”

“Come, and follow Me.”

Has He paid your bill? Has His blood covered your sin? Forgiveness of sin tops the benefit list because it was the most expensive. Ask God to help you see sin with His eyes and give thanks for the One willing to pay its price.

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