Cross Training

Summer camp. I have a stack of forms waiting to be filled out and sent. Football camp. Basketball camp. Dance camp. Strength and conditioning camp. While summer brings a much needed break from the school routine, it also allows us to give extra time to our favorite things.

Have you considered giving God some of that extra time—and I don’t mean endless weeks of VBS? Is there something in Scripture that you’ve always wanted to study? If so, schedule it into your summer. Here are a few suggestions:

Boys: Famous Battles in the Bible

David’s Mighty Men

Spiritual Warfare and the Armor of God

Famous Men of the Bible

Girls: Famous Women of the Bible

Proverbs 31

The Fruit of the Spirit

Songs in Scripture

Pray about it and ask God to lead you to a specific book of the Bible or a specific topic to study. Add some praise time and Scripture memorization. Challenge Mom and Dad. I bet you can memorize more verses, more quickly than they can.

Parents, set up contests or a reward system for faithful choices in studying God’s word. Set the example with your own time of prayer and Bible reading. Share what you are learning and pray for each other. Don’t allow a vacation from school to become a vacation from God. Camp out with Him this summer.

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