Cross Training

cross-trainingTreasure Hunter

“The lamp of the LORD searches the spirit of a man; it searches out his innermost being.”(Proverbs 20:27)

I love the scene in the movie, National Treasure, when the team has been trapped underground and left for dead by the bad guys. Ben Gates and company enter a dark room. He finds a spot with oil and ignites it with his torch. Immediately, a vast chamber full of treasure is illuminated by the fire. The scope reaches beyond any they could have imagined and the objects there are priceless.

God is also in the business of treasure hunting.

His treasure? You.

God has walked the rooms of your heart. He has searched every corner. He has catalogued and documented every gift He ever gave you. He knows the masterpiece that is you because He crafted you Himself. He knows what you’re thinking and why.

And He loves you.

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel frustrated or misunderstood–that stand alone feeling that nobody “gets” you. God gets you. He knows. He understands. He has searched you out and is content to stay.

So, when no one understands, when the blank looks abound, draw near to Him.

He gets you. You are His treasure.


What would be treasure for you?

Why is God’s perspective different? Or is it?

What would God find in your treasure room?

What would be there that is of value to Him?

Are you encouraged to look for treasure in others now? How would you do it?