Open Hands

“One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.”(Proverbs 11:24)

Spring’s bright colors chase away the browns and greys of winter. Bradford pears decked in bridal white send showers of petals through the streets as an unrelenting north wind refuses to leave for its summer sabbatical. Blossoms dress grey limbs in pink and purple, but green leaves are coming. Promises of strawberries, nests of baby birds, and warmer temperatures lift my heart and beg me to come outside and play.

Examples of God’s withholding? Hardly.

Instead, He lavishes us with color, warmth, and a hope in future things. Summer’s watermelons, lemonade by the pool, and sweet Texas peaches followed by autumn’s golden leaves, orange pumpkins, and crisp red apples.

God throws down a challenge in Proverbs. Give freely, and just watch what you will gain. Withhold, and when you finally open those tight little hands, you’ll find them empty.

So, how do we give? What do we have to lavish on another? Where do we begin?

Is there an elderly person or a single parent in your neighborhood that could use some help with yard work or spring-cleaning?  As school winds down, chances are supplies are dwindling too. Perhaps extra pencils, paper, and crayons would help. How about cleaning out closets and drawers? Gently used clothing can be a huge help for a single parent family.

Now, let’s kick it up a notch. What about sacrificial giving? What are you willing to give up, say, for a week, in order to fund some extra giving? A Starbucks or Sonic habit? Time?

Or, how about doing something for fun like baking cookies or cupcakes and sharing them with your neighbors, just because? How about hosting a neighborhood car/bike wash with the proceeds going to a local charity?

Spring into action and give. Freely.


How would you describe God’s generosity?

As His child, what attitudes can you develop that will model and reflect God’s generosity?

What keeps you from being generous? Is it a struggle?

Brainstorm. What will your first step be?

Are you willing to go to the next level and give sacrificially?

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