Air Pollution: Negativity

As we slog through the election season, the constant barrage of negativity beats me down. And it’s contagious. I’ve been reading about Catherine Marshall (author of Christy), and she related a story of when God told her to fast from criticism for one day. Her instructions? No criticizing anybody about anything. I won’t spoil it…
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Margin. The empty border around the edges. Breathing room. White space. Something I’m lacking right now. I scheduled myself to the edge—again. I rationalized it by telling myself it was temporary. Only a few weeks. Only a few semesters. Right. I find myself working from dark to dark. I watch my husband and kids cover…
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4 Tips for Reducing Stress

I have three part-time jobs, writer, Master’s student, and mom, so time is of the essence. Too often I feel anxiety’s claws creeping up my neck, digging into my shoulders, and tying knots in the muscle fibers, leaving aches and pains behind. So, how to untie the knots anxiety leaves? Try these tips for reducing…
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