Holy Spirit

The Spirit’s Flow

Though wind power failed during our winter storm in February, Texans know March winds will more than make up for February’s failures. As a runner, I’m sensitive to the wind.  Sometimes I get the gentle nudge of a tailwind.  Sometimes the wind swirls and provides much needed cooling.  Sometimes it’s a wall, whose force humbles…
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Off to Work or Spirit-led?

Work or teamwork? Which describes your spiritual walk? For years, the answer for me was work. Do this. Don’t do that.  Yes, I had a relationship with God, but my walk with Him looked a lot like me trying really hard to do what I thought He wanted.  I lived under law, not in grace.…
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What happens when the tie that binds comes untied? While God knit David and Jonathan together in 1 Samuel 18, in that same chapter, Saul unraveled. Perfect stitches pulled by an unseen hand. In 1 Samuel 15, God removed His Spirit due to Saul’s repeated disobedience. If the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy,…
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David and Goliath: Spiritual 20/20

Eye exams. They’re getting harder. It’s not like anyone’s changed the questions, but every year, the letters shrink. I look through the lenses. Which is better? One? Or two? With each click, my vision moves from blurry to clear. Fuzzy to focused. In 1 Samuel 17, the story of David and Goliath, God’s conducting a…
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