Worship: Getting Intimate

Worship: Getting Intimate

I’m taking a dance class at my daughter’s studio. I have no dance background. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. We spend half of class time on technique. The other half is spent learning to worship through dance.

And it’s been amazing.

It’s very freeing to just dance. To let go. No one spends time checking out dance moves. The studio transforms into an intimate getaway as we draw close to the Lover of our souls.

No hang-ups.

No inhibitions.

Just intimacy.

And in one such time, I was reminded of Ruth.

If you’re not familiar with the story, it’s a quick read (Ruth). Naomi finds herself in Moab after fleeing famine in Judea. While there her husband and both sons die. Ruth, her Moabite daughter-in-law, accompanies her back to Bethlehem.

Naomi and Ruth face a brutal truth. They need a provider. They need a kinsman-redeemer. The kinsman-redeemer could take several roles. One was to provide an heir for a brother who had died (Deuteronomy 25:5-6). Another was to redeem land an impoverished relative had sold outside the family or even the relative himself if he had been sold into slavery (Leviticus 25:25, 47-49).

Invoking the law of kinsman-redeemer, Naomi sends Ruth to Boaz. Yet, in asking Boaz to provide for them, Ruth is not without obligation. She must offer herself.

Not as a servant girl.

Not as a slave.

As wife.

Have we made such an exchange with God? We come to Him for provision, salvation, redemption—things we gladly and thankfully receive.

But then, do we keep Him at arm’s length?

Friend. Comforter. Guide. Check. Check. Check.


Coming together intimately?

Have you been here with God yet?

I give Ruth credit. She really put herself out there when she lay at Boaz’s feet on the dusty threshing floor that night. God blessed her with an incredible husband and an intimacy that bore fruit. These two were King David’s great-grandparents.

So, how about it? You have a Bridegroom. A Kinsman-Redeemer. Are you ready to get intimate?

Your Boaz is waiting.


Do you see your relationship with Jesus as a betrothal, a marriage? An intimate relationship?

What do you think about Ruth? Gutsy move or desperate measure?

What characteristics of God does Boaz demonstrate?

Put on some worship music this week and let the Holy Spirit lead.


The studio becomes an intimate getaway as we draw close to the Lover of our souls. Click to tweet.

In asking Boaz to provide for her, Ruth is not without obligation. She must offer herself. Click to tweet.

Do we come to God for provision, salvation, redemption—then keep Him at arm’s length? Click to tweet.

Friend. Comforter. Guide. Check. Lover? Click to tweet.

Are you ready to get intimate? Your Boaz is waiting. Click to tweet.