Cross Training


Short, sweet, it’s a funny little word.

You can fix something if it’s broken or someone if you’re angry.

You can fix a sandwich (good) or fix a race (bad).

You can fix your hair or fix up your room.

You can find yourself in a fix or be fixin’ to do something.

Flip through your Bible and you’ll find fix there too:

“…fix your thoughts on Jesus,…” Heb. 3:1c (NIV)

“Fix these words of mine (God’s) in your hearts and minds,…” Deut. 11:18a (NIV)

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus,…” Heb. 12:2a (NIV)

In these verses, “Fix” means to stick one thing onto another so it stays, like gum on your desk at school or a picture of your best buds tacked on your bulletin board. God wants our thoughts, minds, and eyes glued, or fixed, on Him, His Word, and His Son. But, my spiritual glue stick just ran out. What do I do?

Think of your favorite song. Got it? Do you know all the words? (Of course you do.) Why? (‘Cause you listen to it all the time and you sing it non-stop.) You have fixed your mind on that song and you know it by heart. Music can focus your heart and mind and superglue your thoughts to God, too. Fix yourself to God the same way you do to your favorite song, and you’ll know Him as well. Some songs even come straight from Scripture. What a bonus—glued to God and His Word at the same time. Find a great praise song today and fix your thoughts on Jesus. I’ll be fixin’ with Chris Tomlin and David Crowder. Send me your favorite.