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There’s No Fixin’ Stupid

“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.” (Proverbs 12:1 NIV)

Did that really say stupid?

Yep. Jumped out at me too.

“ . . . he who hates correction is stupid.”

I’ve been there a thousand times when my own dear children have chosen not to heed the words of their wiser mother. As Lonnie my fence guy says, “There’s no fixin’ stupid.”

But honestly, I’m not wild about correction myself, and I can’t say I love discipline. I suppose the difference is in what you do with the two. While I wouldn’t use love to describe my feelings for discipline, I see its necessity and its benefits. So I buckle down and do the hard stuff. (Usually.)

And although correction is not my favorite thing to receive, receive it I do. I examine the information, check its validity, then see how it needs to be applied.

I’m fixin’ things: allowing God to make changes—more of Him and less of me.

Because, to refuse His loving correction is just plain stupid. And there’s no fixin’ that.

What’s the most stupid thing you’ve ever seen?

How well do you receive correction?

What’s the best way to offer correction? What should be the motivation behind the offer?

Has God brought to your attention an area of correction you’ve ignored? What’s the deal?

In what area are you well-disciplined? How can you as a family help each other with your weaknesses by using your strengths?

(Fence guy Lonnie’s info on request.)

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