Muzzled: Dealing With a Negative Focus

One of my children has the gift of sarcasm. It’s all in fun, of course. Not. I have the same skill set, though I keep my comments to myself.  Entertaining such thoughts is damaging. A negative focus comes all too easily and before I know it, I’m stewing. Agitated. My hackles go up and I’m…
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Fasting From Negativity

Lent began March 1st. This year, I’m fasting negativity. The idea came from Catherine Marshall, author of Christy. Richard Foster, in his book Spiritual Classics, relates this story from Marshall, “The Lord continues to deal with me about my critical spirit . . . One morning last week He gave me an assignment: for one…
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Air Pollution: Negativity

As we slog through the election season, the constant barrage of negativity beats me down. And it’s contagious. I’ve been reading about Catherine Marshall (author of Christy), and she related a story of when God told her to fast from criticism for one day. Her instructions? No criticizing anybody about anything. I won’t spoil it…
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