Deception and Discernment

Truth vs. Lies: Can Your Kids Tell the Difference?

Discernment. Do you have it? How about your kids?  Culture presents the idea that truth is relative: You have yours. I have mine. Compromise is okay if you have a good reason. How do we help our kids navigate these minefields of truth and lies? We train them in discernment. When Harry Potter came out, I chose…
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The Set Up

“Ahhh!” The fruit hit the ground with a juicy thud as Eve scrambled to cover up.  Adam stared at her and then at himself. “We’re naked!” “Hurry! Get the biggest leaves you can find.” Eve huddled behind the nearest myrrh bush as Adam darted through the trees of Eden. She winced as she backed into…
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Lesser Gods

Recently, a friend invited me to her home to dedicate some space to her new faith—the Warrior Goddess movement. Though the invitation was thoughtful, it made me sad, because my friend is chasing a lesser god. I won’t spend time on the belief system of the Warrior Goddess movement, but when the focus turns toward…
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Christian Karma: Part 1

Karma. The law of cause and effect. Hinduism and Buddhism claim it determines your destiny. In essence, you determine your destiny. Good choices lead to good things. Bad choices lead to . . . well, good luck with that. Sadly, the church has bought into karma. Does the Bible speak of consequences? Of course, it does…
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Staying Out of the Rough Starts on the Tee

A slight change in trajectory brings a major change down range. I’ve spent some time in Romans 1 lately and the last half of the chapter is sobering. You might know that section as the homosexuality passage, but that’s not its true focus. Romans 1:18-32 tracks what happens when a shift from true center occurs.…
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Deception, Discernment, and Direction

Deception. We don’t know it’s got us until it’s too late. We’re left feeling duped, shamed, and a little foolish. Deception ambushes us from all angles. From within and from without. Within:                                                            Without: Heart (Jer. 17:9)                                              Wealth (Mark 4:18-19) Pride (1 Cor. 3:18)                        …
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