The Trinity

God The Trinity: Come Dance With Me

How much do you know about the Trinity? Here’s a short quiz: 1. The Trinity is one God. T/F 2. The Trinity is three gods. T/F 3. The Trinity is one God expressed in three Persons. T/F 4. The Son and the Spirit were created by the Father as His first works. T/F 5. The…
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Perichoresis: Crazy Math and Vocab Words

Math: 1+1+1=1 English: perichoresis In honor of all of the high school students taking their SAT’s this summer, here’s a little math and English—Trinity-style. First, math. The Trinity. Three-in-one. One God eternally expressed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 1+1+1=1 God extends His crazy math to us. Marriage: “For this reason a man will leave…
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Leadership: Who’s in Charge?

One hallmark of Trinity is the balance of unity and uniqueness. One expressed in Three. So, who’s in charge? Great question. Yes. Yes? Yes. You mean, They take turns? No. They are One. Father, Son, and Spirit agree in purpose. All Members are equal. No One has to be in charge because They agree. Who…
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Let’s Hear It for the Team

In the Trinity, not only do They work together as a team, They are Their own best cheerleaders. In the Trinity, each Member cheers on the other Two. They honor One Another. They love One Another. They talk each Other up. You’ll find no put-downs here, only positive thoughts. Check it out: “For the Father…
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Love Lessons from the Trinity

Love lessons. The takeaway from my spring semester class on the doctrine of the Trinity . Does it surprise you? It did me. Love 101 in the guise of ST102OL Trinitarianism. My experience with love in my growing up years wasn’t unloving, but it could hardly be called warm and fuzzy. My parents weren’t big…
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