A Reflection on Solar Lights

My husband loves to tinker with outdoor lighting. Solar lights dot our landscaping. Tucked in among sweet pansies, prickly holly, and sleepy crepe myrtles, they soak up the light of the sun. You hardly know they’re there. Some are disguised as rocks. Others nestle in the groundcover.  But when the sun melts into the horizon,…
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Twinkle, Twinkle: Let Your Light Shine

From the 26th floor of the office building, I gazed at the DFW skyline. A patchwork quilt of prairie and urban sprawl covered the ground below. The dusky sky deepened to indigo and the lights of the city switched on like a Lite-Brite board. Neon signs, office buildings with after-hour workers, skyscrapers outlined in yellow highlighting. The…
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Lamp Light

Lamps. They illuminate darkness. They give light. The first thing God spoke into existence was light, and the writers of Scripture use light imagery to describe Him. The prophet Habakkuk draws this picture of God, “His splendor is like the sunrise; rays flashed from His hand, where his power was hidden.” (Hab. 3:4 NIV) Light. Radiance.…
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