Gayle Veitenheimer

I write inspirational stories and creative nonfiction that encourage children to walk out their Christian faith.

10 Tips for Getting Your Kids Into the Word in 2022

When we had kids at home, I had a goal of a daily quiet time (Bible reading, memorization, and prayer) for each child before they left the house for school.  I know. Tall order.  Our kids attended public school, and I wanted God’s Word in their heads before they stepped out the front door.  God’s…
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The Secret to a Joy-Filled Christmas While Juggling Pinterest-Perfect Holiday Expectations

My friend, Pam, always said that men believed in Santa Claus because when they woke up Christmas morning, everything had already been done. They neglected to see the behind-the-scenes work: baking, cleaning, shopping, etc. Know the feeling? Joy bursts from the Christmas story like fireworks on the Fourth of July. When we still had kids…
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Answered Prayer: Great Expectations

Is it wrong to place expectations on God when it comes to prayer? I’m currently working on a picture book on prayer. Here’s a quote: “I heard your prayer. You thanked Me for breakfast. You’re welcome. Is that such a surprise?” asked God. Kaitlyn stirred her cereal. “I guess not,” she said. “I just didn’t…
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I Love You with All My . . . Mind?

She stands there, wrings her hands, and taps the spot where her watch is supposed to be. She paces, back and forth, between the basket that should hold the watch when she’s not wearing it and the chest of drawers where she hid it.  Mom has dementia.  She’d been living in Wichita Falls, and only…
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In the Wilderness

The wilderness.  Scripturally speaking, the wilderness is a place we often seek to get through, rather than camp there.  Moses and the children of Israel wandered forty years there because they lacked the faith to enter the Promised Land (Numbers 14:31). Hagar ended up there twice, once when escaping Sarai’s abuse and once when she…
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