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Inspirational stories and creative nonfiction that encourage children to walk out their Christian faith.

Harvest Time: 5 Keys for Successful Sowing and Reaping

The principle of sowing and reaping runs through the pages of Scripture. But we don't usually think about the sowing—until the harvest arrives.
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The Sabbath: Creating White Space

Ever start an article or blog post and all you saw was miles of ink? (Yes, Texas Monthly, I’m talking to you.) Did you wince? Tense up? Bypass it? We need white space.  Breathing room. Margin. Do you have any? Do your kids? Are you scheduled to the edges of your calendar? Sabbath God commands us…
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Obedience Training for Your Spirit: 4 Tips

My ninety-plus pound Belgian Malinois is a great running partner—most of the time. Valor heels, sets a good pace, and serves as bodyguard too.  But he has a high prey drive.  Anything small and furry that moves, beware. (FYI, owners of small dogs, big dogs see prey rather than your precious baby.) If I see…
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Conflict Resolution: 5 Tips for Your Team 

Ever feel like a referee? If you have children, then you’re no stranger to conflict resolution.  How do we know what behavior to address and what to ignore?  When do we throw the yellow flag and how do we best discipline for the infraction? How do we teach conflict resolution—to preschoolers? As any NFL referee…
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Hunting for Treasure

Summertime. A welcome break from the school routine, but . . . lots of hours to fill.  This summer, send your kids (and yourself) on an adventure. Proverbs 25:2 (NIV) says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” Now is the time…
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