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What “delights” you? Is it a good movie? A piece of your favorite candy? A surprise?

King David tells us in Psalm 37:4:

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will giveyou the desires of your heart.

What? How do you “delight” yourself in someone? Think about a time when you were hanging out with your best friend. You might have been playing football or listening to some music. Didn’t it “delight” you to have fun together? Sure! Think about your family. Do you have a game night or a pizza night? Isn’t it fun? Time with God can be fun too, but it takes time to get to know him. You and your best friend didn’t “delight” in each other over night. Relationships grow with time. When you commit some time to God, your relationship will grow too. Spend some time with God today. Take a walk or listen to some music. Let us know what you did and how it went. I like to talk with God when I’m running.

Fitness Tip: Monday was Valentine’s Day. Did you know dark chocolate is good for you? Have a taste test with your family and see how dark you can go before it gets too bitter. I like the 85% cocoa chocolate bars.

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