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Continuing the Conversation: What is the Church’s Response to #MeToo?

This month, we’ve focused on current events (including, but not limited to #MeToo) and how church and culture find themselves on the same page as we stand against abuse. As we find ourselves aligned with culture, how can we as individual believers encourage our local churches to take the next step? To follow up on…
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Starting the Culture Conversation: Where Does God Stand?

If you’re not familiar with the stories of these two, here’s a quick rundown.
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Walk It Out So You Can Talk It Out

How does the Church earn the right to be heard in such times? By exhibiting the character of our God, because, as our culture tells us, character matters. Ungodly behavior will undermine our testimony for Jesus every time. Scripture gives no disconnect between belief and behavior. Could the reason the Church looks so much like…
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Cross-Cultural Communication

This quote from one of my class lectures resonated with me. This semester, I have Acts and the Pauline Epistles. I’m deep in Acts, and, let me tell you, Acts is the textbook for cross-cultural communication. And, make no mistake, our present culture is at odds with our faith. What once drew respect now draws…
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The Endpoint

Time limits. Writers love them. An endpoint creates urgency, raises the stakes, and increases the tension. Will James Bond diffuse the bomb in time? Will the hero get to the airport before his romantic interest flies out of his life—forever? Will the police find the kidnapped victims before they suffocate in the deranged killer’s sweltering…
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Don’t Go Dark

I was doing some memory work in Romans 1 when the phrase “suppress the truth” grabbed my attention. To suppress means to end, to stop something by force. Do you watch the news? This happens to God’s truth daily. While some actively suppress the truth—not only the truth of God’s existence, but the existence of…
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Shame on Me

Twelve backs were torn open by the lashing whip. Thirty-seven. Thirty-eight. Thirty-nine strokes. Some time had passed since Jesus’ ascension. The apostles had been arrested. They’d spent a night in jail, experienced an angelic rescue, and then appeared before the Jewish Council. And now, a flogging. You can find the story in Acts 5. Even…
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